The High Price of IT Downtime

The High Price of IT Downtime

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Every slowdown of network and every obsolete outage which your business suffers costs more than a million dollar. For big companies, these are the results of a current research of the outlay of service, application as well as network downtime carried out by IHS.

IHS studied 400 of its small to big scale size customers all through the area of North America about their decision maker’s ICT or Information and Communication Technology downtime miseries. For IHS points, midsize businesses average about $100M in profits and hundreds of workers, big businesses average 13k workers and almost $2b in incomes.

The outcome: the surveyed shown an average of 5 downtime occurrences monthly, with every downtime case being costly from 1M dollar per year for a usual midsize business to over 60 million dollar for a big business.

Extrapolated out, that is a rate to companies in North America of 700 billion dollars annually for ICT outages which take account of lost employee output, lost revenue and actual expenses to address the downtime chaos.

The High Price of IT Downtime

What are the causes of IT Downtime?

According to IHS, the interruptions of network are the main factor that contributes to the downtime of ICT, however what causes the real network interruptions and where this costly downtime comes from?

Matthias Machowinski stated that a tool is the main source of general downtime, due to the fact that it is measured by hours. He also stated that equipment issues and failures add to just about 40 percent of the reported ICT downtime. Internal human issues and service provider errors make up almost 20 percent of ICT downtime.

The Best Way To Lessen the IT Downtime

Machowinski also stated that the best technique for justifying downtime is through implementing network monitoring. 64% of respondents in the research by IHS stated that they are following this technique, which is a good one. “You don’t want the user to be your early-warning system,” he added.

Another common downtime mitigation method is integrating redundancy into networks. Adding redundancy could address both on equipment issues and failures with host service provider.

According to Machowinski “Tools is going to stop working in due course,” With a redundant network, still there is some connectivity, although backups are not working at 100 percent, he explained. He suggest keeping spare available or being capable of sourcing a spare fairly fast- if possible same date, perhaps within hours.

He also recommend that information technology departments take benefit of best support offerings from sellers  so as to capably source replacement tool and at the same time lessen the downtime.

According to him, you really require having a multi-pronged technique and you also need to know the effects of this downtime.   You must be aware of the importance of making equipment which minimizes the downtime in information and communication technology infrastructure. ICT downtime is a very serious problem that businesses have to considered, and it is a good case of wherein a small to medium investment could have such marvellous profits to a business.